The initial meeting where we discuss your needs and what find & design service suits those needs is complimentary. Approx. half an hour visit or phone if you live outside Hobart.


Once we have determined your needs we can either work on an hourly rate should you purely want advice or provide a design package which can include 3D visuals, elevations, floorplans, specifications, materials, colours and products. Again it all depends on your requirements and all is detailed below.

Everything can also be organised electronically should you prefer this method or live interstate.

         - $80 per hr outside CBD for any meeting held on site

Our hourly rate is $160 for advice such as:


  • kitchen design ideas
  • bathroom design ideas
  • laundry design ideas
  • other room ideas
  • customised cabinet design
  • spatial solutions 

Floorplans start at $550 up to 10m2 then $10 for each square metre after

3D visualisation/photo realistic images of a design that is yours, starts at $650

         - up to 15m2 then $10 for each square metre after

START-UP Design Package


                   kitchen OR bathroom design concept starts @ $950 up to 10m2


                kitchen AND bathroom design concept starts @ $1500


          Includes designs <10sqm; $20/sqm after:


2 meetings


Meeting 1 includes an open discussion about your wish list, dislikes, lifestyle and cooking needs. The room/s to be designed are at this stage measured. This meeting should take approximately 1½ hours based on a one room design.


Meeting 2 is the presentation of your design which includes:


§         floor plan 

§         3x3D

§         birds eye perspective

§         1 x colour scheme

§         product suggestions


This should take approximately 1½ hours as well based on a one room design.


Should changes to the design and/or further meetings be required they are charged hourly or as negotiated depending on size and complexity of the project.



COMPLETE Design Package <15sqm; $20/sqm over:


kitchen OR bathroom design starts @ $1850


Everything in the Premium Design Package plus the following:


§         up to 6 meetings

§         floorplan with specifications

§         elevations

§         elevations with specifications

§         power point positioning

§         splashback details

§         tile suggestions

§         tile details

          kitchen AND bathroom design starts @ $3400



Quotes:                  $160 per quote for a joiner
                              $190 per quote for a builder


We will also organize joiner quotes for you and do a comparative study and analysis to ensure you know what you are getting so you can easily compare apples with apples. That way you can make an informed decision based on all the necessary information.


We can be present at the check measure to answer any design questions the joiner and/or builder may have. A progressive visit during installation and a completion visit can also be considered. Overseeing the entire project is also available. 

Overseeing Project: 10% of project price starting at $1800 inc gst

The Full House Design Service: 


(kitchen, laundry, bathrooms & other)

We will design a package including a comprehensive design plan, elevations and 3D views plus specifications. We will cater to what your needs are.


Priced per application.



Trade Design Service:


find & design offers a design service to joiners, builders and bathroom specialists who would like to give their clients the opportunity to see their designs before manufacture. This service is tailored to the particular manufacturer and their requirements and starts at $550. This may increase depending on details required, size and complexity of the project.


Contact us for further details on how we can add to your business.




We offer a service to developers customised to your requirements where you can show 3D visualisations of the internals before it is built.  External visuals are also available if required for a project.


Priced per application.


Contact us  

to find out more on how we can value add to your development.


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